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History of INTRA-TECH

For ten years the conference has been gathering leading experts and specialists to exchange knowledge, competences and cutting-edge practices.       

The event has already covered such countries as: Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Italy, Germany, France, UK, China, Japan and USA.


1st international practical conference Pipeline-TECH in Tyumen. Organizer of the conference INTRATOOL Group. From the first day of the conference it was decided that it should be practice-oriented so that the participants could find out more about the equipment and see it in service.


2nd international practical conference Pipeline-TECH in Saint Petersburg. Pipeline-related agenga:
- Online leak sealing
- Solutions for pipeline insatlation
 Apart from representatives of the organizer, following companies were speakers at the conference: Gazprom VNIIGAZ, Gazprom Transgaz Saint Petersburg, Gazprom Tsentrremont, Oil and Oil products transport R&D, VNIIST, Gubkin Russian State University, etc.


3rd Pipeline-tech conference increased its audience up to 200 representatives from oil and gas sector. 3-day program included congress part, extended demonstration part and round-table discussions. First chief engineers among visitors. But main focus is still on chief mechanics and welders, as well as heads of workshops and repair and maintenance units.

Number of participants increased by over 25%.Geographical coverage has also increased dramatically –representatives from Austria, Germany, Poland, Serbia, UK, USA, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan. Conference agenda now covers not only midstream operations, but also downstream. 


Anniversary Pipeline-tech conference relocated to Kazakhstan, capital of oil – Atyrau. In 2015 the discussions on downstream operations and energy were even more fruitful. Still the conference is practice-oriented with demonstrations and workshops. First directors of oil refineries and transportation companies appear among visitors. 


Back to Saint Petersburg. For the first time the import substitution, as well as LNG and gas technologies were discussed at the conference. First presentations on upstream operations. Over 250 participants. Over 50 presentations. The conference becomes a fully-fledged conversational event.


The conference changed its name to INTRA-TECH. The name reflects its inter-industrial format. Mining and metallurgy issues introduced to the agenda. First general plenary session took place where import substitution and production localization issues were discussed. Chemical Engineering Journal became the co-organizer.

8th conference took place at ARTPLAY exhibition space (ex-plant for medium-scale machine engineering). This venue could fit 350 participants (number of participants increased by 30%)1000 m2 of exhibition space fitted 10 stands.
Over 90 speeches presented (number of presentations increased by 40%) at 7 simultaneous sessions.
Key topic of the conference was digitalization in the oil and gas and mining and metallurgy complex.


The INTRA-TECH conference made a decent leap forward – over 500 participants (increased by 70%), number of presentations increased to 140 (by 70%), exhibition space increased by 100%, the number of exhibitors tripled.
Over 300 B2B meetings.
Agreements for total amount of over 400 mln rubles were signed.
The conference was powered by: MINPROMTORG, IDF, National Association of Organization in the Field of Motor Fuel.

In my opinion this conference has a high weight in society, because there are people who are doing something one.

Alexey Rovensky | Commercial Director, BASF Stroitelnye Sistemy

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