Due to the imposed restrictions and postponement of the international practical conference INTRA-TECH on 2021, the organizing committee of the conference decided to hold the conference in the online format. This format remains as a one of the few formats with the help of which, thereby, work continues on the formation of the business environment ensuring communication between players of the industrial market.
The conference organizing committee has developed a series of INTRA-TECH ONLINE webinars where companies can directly share their best projects and share their experiences in a pandemic and self-isolation regime. Due to the fact that many companies are faced with similar challenges and the need to completely rebuild a new business environment, it was decided to start with the most pressing issues. 

The first webinar Safety of personnel at the enterprise in a pandemic was held on June 25, 2020. Representatives of the companies spoke about innovative solutions in the field of personnel safety at the enterprise and shared their practical experience. There were following reports:

  • Solutions for temperature screening as part of measures to combat the spread of infection
  • Disinfection systems for enterprises
  • Solutions for controlling social distancing of personnel
  • Safety on the enterprise
  • Digital transformation: challenges and opportunities
Head of the Industrial Monitoring Systems department, Dmitry Fedotov, told how Engineering company INTRATOOL faced with the explosive demand for infrared imaging systems for remote screening during a pandemic, how effective such systems are, and shared the principle of their operation. Moreover, he explained in details what technological base should be relied on when choosing an infrared imaging system, as well as what should be taken to arrange the temperature control at access points of enterprises and in public places.

The representative of Semargl introduced the disinfection systems designed to minimize the risks of the spread of coronavirus infection at the enterprise, in office buildings, hospitals and other institutions.

Dmitry Biryukov, Technical Director, Phd., Engineering Company INTRATOOL highlighted about how modern technologies help to solve the problem of maintaining social distance.

Technical Consultant IBM Alexander Bagdasarov introduced solutions that help implement safety control functions in the workplace and how employees comply with safety standards, namely how the personal protective equipment used in manufacturing, thereby tracking compliance with safety standards.

Igor Larionov, a representative of Gazprom Neft PJSC, reported about how digital transformation and the role of engineering information management are important at the stages of an asset's life cycle, as well as the use of digital engineering information at the operational stage. Work cases and examples were considered in the report.

According to the feedback during the webinar, it was clear that the audience was interested to know how other companies cope in such difficult conditions. The first webinar watched by over 460 people from 157 cities and 8 countries in real time. At the end, many messages were received with proposals to reveal a particular topic, after which, it was decided to deviate from the assigned topics of INTRA-TECH ONLINE and hold the next online event on the following issue Modern methods of ensuring industrial safety, labor protection and environmental protection at the enterprise.

The second webinar from the INTRA-TECH ONLINE series on the topic of Modern methods of ensuring industrial safety, labor protection and ecology at the enterprise was held on July 14, 2020. This time the event covered 6 countries, 94 cities and 250 people. The speakers presented reports on the following topics:

  • Ensuring the safety of processes at hazardous production facilities by means of thermal imaging monitoring
  • Implementation of an automatic control system at the enterprise. Technological stages. Trial, development, implementation.
  • Automated system for accounting of hazards and risk management of the organization
The representative of the Engineering company INTRATOOL, Alexander Veresov, relying on the experience of implementing technically complex tasks, told about the possibilities of closing problem areas in terms of improving the efficient and safe operation of plants and production. 

In addition, the attendees of the webinar learned from the representative of ServiceSoft company that, in accordance with the current legislation, for enterprises of category I Negative Impact on the Environment, can automatically include sources of continuous control and discharge.

The representative of the company Laboratory of Risk Management, Andrey Lyubimov, introduced the HSE Risk Management service, which can be used to effectively manage risk mitigation measures at the enterprise.

In connection with the completion of the self-isolation regime and the massive exit of personnel to workplaces, the topic of personnel safety still remains the most urgent, as a large number of INTRA-TECH ONLINE attendees show us.

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